The Global Pandemic of 2020 has impacted Lending institutions also. Covid has made a lot of money available at historic low rates while the demand for this cheap money has actually increased.  For Lenders  it is the best of times and the worst of times. Capital is available at record low rates while at the same time risk  are at an all time high. Consider this situation:

Covid combined with local "social distancing" practices has caused a lot of "boutique restaurants" known as "dinning in restaurants" to close and to go out of business.

At the same time, the fast food sector is booming with no sign of slowing down. With the demand for money at a all time high and the rates at and all time low, commercial lenders are mitigating their risk by being more selective and changing the qualifying rules and focusing on quality recession proof business models and quality packages, people, proformas and projects. The first step in this process is a quality package.

Why Your Loan Packaging Matters More Now
Than It Did During The Pre Covid 19 Economy!

The New Rules!

Commercial Lenders Have Raised Their Bars!

  1. Covid Has Created New Risk Factors For Lenders
  2. Cheap Money Has Created A High Demand
  3. Covid 19 Has Introduced A New Risk Factor
  4. Lenders Now Demand Quality Packages
  5. Lenders Now Demand Quality People
  6. Lenders Now Demand Quality Projects
  7. Lenders Now Demand Quality Performa's
  8. Lenders Want The Best Of The Best
  9. Only Quality Projects And People Are Considered
  10. If Your Projects Are Denied, They Won't Be Reconsidered
  11. You Must Get It RIGHT The First Time.

7 Reasons WHY 80% Of ALL Loan
Packages Are Dead On Arrival.

  1. Loans Packages Are Not Properly Formatted
  2. Too Many Files And Attachments
  3. Unorganized, Outdates And Incomplete Information
  4. Lacks Key Pre Underwriting Best Practices Data
  5. Poorly Organized Requires Too Much Time To Locate Key Data
  6. Key Financial Ratios Not Obvious
  7. It's Safer And Faster To Deny The Request

When Should To Use A Professional Package?

  • When Your Request Is $10M And Above
  • When You Are Seeking LTV'S Above 80%
  • When You Are Should You Submit A Professional Package?
  • When you are seeking Non- Recourse Financing
  • When You Are Seeking Exceptional Terms And Rates
  • When You Are Serious About Getting Your Funding

Benefits Of A Professional Loan Package!

  • It identifies You As A Serious Borrower
  • It Shows Exceptional Professionalism On Your Part
  • Illustrates Your Commitment To Your Project
  • Easier For Lender To Evaluate Your Project
  • Reduces Processing And Underwriting Time
  • Moves Your Proposal To The TOP
  • Distinguishes Your Project As Unique
  • Gets The Lenders Attention

Additional Benefits Of A
Professional Loan Package!

  • Let's You See Your Project From The Lenders Perspective
  • Identifies Weakness In Your Project In Advance Of Submitting It
  • Can Be Used To Negotiate With Buyers And Sellers
  • Loan Package Will Be Accepted By Any Lender
  • Used To Attract Equity Partners
  • Realtors Can Us This Report To Pre-Sell Properties

What's Included In Our Packaging Service?

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